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MaxForLive, PART I:
Introduction and more...

by Jan Mech

MaxForLive is a plug-in for Ableton Live that opens Ableton Live for a wide range of interactivity and creation. It’s possible can build one’s own audio- and midi-instruments, synthesizers or effect plug-ins. Further more it allows to access and modify the Live Set in real time, to interact with all kind of interfaces (such as game controllers, joysticks and OSCController on a mobile device - i.e. TouchOSC-). This list covers only a part of the possibilities that MaxForLive offers to extend and enhance Ableton Live: MaxForLive has the capacity to control stage lights and videos as well as interacting with other Live Sets or even other web services such as Twitter via local network and Internet.

In fact MaxForLive implements the entire graphical programming environment of Max (formerly referred to as Max/MSP/Jitter) inside Ableton Live (more info). The term graphical programming environment describes that it is possible to create algorithms (programs) to create devices such as a resonator, an arpeggiator, a step sequencer or something that is in your mind but does not yet exist! With MaxForLive it it not needed write computer code to proramm. All you have to do is to connect so-called "object boxes" on the screen with each other. The versatility of MaxForLive is also often the biggest obstacle for a musician or composer to get started. It might be repelling in the beginning, but with some guidance it is not that hard and in any case it will be very rewarding!

Addressed to...
This workshop addresses participants who have already experience with Ableton Live but not with MaxForLive. It will be an introduction into the graphical programming Max and teach all the necessary basics to start building your own MaxForLive devivec. At the end the participants will be able to create their own MaxForLive MIDI or network-communication device (interaction between different Live Sets running on different computers.).

In this workshop we will focus on the basic-elements of MaxForLive, which are:

Introduction to the Max programming environment, the "programming rules", and possibilities.
Using all the basic functions in Max: Patchers, Objects, Object Explorer, the Object Inspector.
Debugging: finding and fixinx errors in a MaxForLive patch.
Creating a first MaxForLive Patch (a MaxForLive Device that can be used inside a Live track).
Creating a user interface for the device with the user interface elements offered by MaxForLive.
Data handling in Max with a focus on the special aspects of data handling in MaxForLive.
Creating and storing presets of the device.
Introduction into the Live-API: how to control and modify your Live Set in real-time, while it is playing. (Along with the introduction of the Live-API also the use and modulation of (audio-) signals within MaxForLive will covered. (An intensive workshop dealing with audio synthesis to create your own sound will take place the following week). 
Using Joysticks, Gamepads etc. to create a more direct and expressive MaxForLive device.
How to interact between different Live Sets within a network using MaxForLive.
Using you smartphone or tablet to control your live set wireless.

Within the workshop the technical/theoretical knowledge will be exercised immediately with practical examples. I there is special interest of participants regarding topics that are not covered within this program it can be adapted.

Alumnos / Students
- El número máximo de alumnos es de 12 personas. / - The maximum number of students is 12.
- The participants need to bring a laptop/computer (Mac or PC) with Ableton Live and Max For Live installed ont it.

Idioma / Language
El idioma principal del taller es el inglés. / - The main language of the workshop is English.

Fechas & horarios / Dates & times
VIERNES 16 de NOVIEMBRE: de 18:00 a 22:00 h
SÁBADO 17 de NOVIEMBRE: de 10:00 a 18:00 h (descanso de 14:00 a 15:00 h)
DOMINGO 18 de NOVIEMBRE: de 11:00 a 15:00 h

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