EXPOSICIÓ_MARTIN BRICELJ_del 12/06/07 al 25/06/07


L'eslové Martin Bricelj és el fundador i director d'art del col.lectiu multimèdia Codeep and CodeSign Arworks.
Aquest any, durant les dates del Sonar, Martin presenta al Niu una mini retrospectiva dels seus darrers treballs.

L'exposició de la retrospectiva inclou una xerrada/conferència inaugural del mateix artista el dimarts 12 de juny a les 20:00 hores.

La mostra inclou les següents peces: 

Everlandia: Travel into the unknown!
interactive installation

An interactive gallery instalation, dealing with human needs, fanatsies, wishes... The gallery space is transformed into a virtual tourist agency that gives
everybody the opportunity to create their own utopian fantasy world. Everyone can create their own Everlandia and send poscards from there to the everyday
world. Greetings from Everlandia!
www.everlandia.net ]

interactive installation and web project.

Memory game is realized as an interactive video cube, a web project and a little memory box game. At this moment, the Memory project exists in two
incarnations. The first uses Martin Bricelj's photos of urban details for its imagery and the second is a pictorial overview of Slovene graphic design.
Both have excited many players of all generations.
www.memoryplay.com ]

FakeUp: Keep it Unreal!
media hack.
A multidisciplinary urban action dealing with the problem of media constructed reality. A group of media experts, acting under a fake organization AVBIA,
constucted a fake story about victims of biochemical attacks and spread it to the public through all available media. The project consists of many phases
(city light posters on city streets, web page and office of the AVBIA organization, petition, media hacking,...)
. [
www.martinbricelj.com ]

performance action, exhibition and web project

Pornogobelin is an attempt at reviving an all but forgotten bourgeois pheonomenon of centuries past. By combining traditional techniques (needlepoint)
and traditional motifs (erotica) the author approcahes in a fresh and playful way the aesthetics of the digital format, which is these days largely utilized for
dissemination of pornography on the web.
www.pornogobelin.com ]

[veure CV Martin Bricelj]

Inauguració DIMARTS 12_06_07 a partir de les 20:00 hores amb xerrada/conferència d'en Martin Bricelj. Entrada Lliure

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